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Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas : IX

Hari/Tanggal :

Waktu : 120 Menit

..........Selamat mengerjakan..........


  • Isikan identitas anda kedalam lembar jawab ujian nasional (LJUN) yang tersedia dengan menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk di lembar jawab ujian nasional(LJUN).
  • Jawablah pertanyaan dibawah ini dengan menghitamkan salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat di LJUN.

1. Mujiburohman : Make sure you bring jacket,…………………?

Lisna : Okay.

A. Won’t you C. Would you

B. Will you D. Can’t you

The text is for questions 2 and 3.

To : Nani

I will be very glad if you come to my 15 birthday party.

Day/date : Saturday/ July, 29-2009

Time : 7 a.m.

Place : Jl. A.Yani No. 365 Slawi

Sincerely Yours


2. How old will Depi be in 2016?

A. 21 B. 22 C. 23 D. 24

3. When will the party be held?

A. In the evening. C. In the afternoon.

B. In the morning. D. At midnight.

4. Which of the following word is the synonym of “Coast”?

A. Shore B. River C. Mountain D. Lake

Read the following text and answer questions 5 and 6!

How to operate a blender

  • Make sure the switch is off.
  • Place ingredients into the blender container, if some water if needed.
  • Put the lid on.
  • Place the container on the motor housing.
  • Plug in the cable.
  • Select one two speed button as required. Use PULSE switch for precision blending. When adding ingredients or seasoning, remove the small lid for adding things in the middle of the blender lid
  • After grinding, press the switch off.
  • Unplug the cable.

5. What does the manual tell you?

A. How to grind C. How to use the blender

B. How to make use a refrigerator D. How to operate a mixer

6. What do We press when We want a very smooth result?

A. Off switch C. One switch

B. On switch D. Pulse switch

7. Study the notice!



What does the notice about mean?

A. We don’t have to go to school

B. We have to be careful because there are many school children

C. We should give a care of children

D. A,B,C are false

Questions 8 to 10 are based on the following text.

A stupid man and his cows

One day, a stupid man went to market. He bought six cows. After that, he rode one cow home and made the other walk in front of him. On the way he counted them, but he could only see five cows. he counted them again and again. He was certain that he had lost one. He was afraid that he would be scolded by his wife.

His wife was waiting for him in front of their house. As soon as he saw her, he said sadly that he had lost one of their cows. He did not know how it could happen. He was very careful.

Then, his wife asked him how many cows he bought. The stupid man answered that he bought six cows. However, he could see five of them. His wife looked at him and laughed. She said that he was very stupid. There was no one cow less, there was one more.

Adapted from http://www.pitt.edu

8. Which of the following words is the synonym of “ Stupid”?

A. Unlucky C. Diligent

B. Bright D. Dull

9. Which of the following statement is true according to the text?

A. The stupid man spent much money on cows.

B. The stupid man was scolded by his wife.

C. The stupid man thought that he had lost one of his cows.

D. The stupid man lost one cow on the way home.

10. What does the word “Them” in paragraph 1 line 3 refer to?

A. The others C. The cows

B. The lost cows D. One of the cows

11. Astuti : I have to tell you this news, our school will provide us with free internet access.

Luluk : That’s great, it’s good news for everyone in this school.

How does Luluk respond to the good news which is given by Astuti?

A. He fells sorry C. He fells happy

B. He hates the news D. He does not give any respond

The text is for questions 12 to 17.


Orangutan or Pongo Pyginaeus belong to primate order. The Orangutan spends most of it’s time in trees. Each evening it builds a new treetop nest. They endangered because it habitat lost and poachers keep on killing, owning, and exporting orangutans

They only live on the island of Borneo and in the northern corner of the island of Sumatra.

Orangutans are characterized by rough, long reddish – brown fur. Male Orangutans are about 95cm (37in) in length and about 77kg (170lb) in weight. Female are smaller, reaching about 78cm (31in) in height and weighting only about 37kg (81lb). the male has puffy cheeks and a hanging throat – pouch. This pouch contain air sack that help produce a groaning, bubbling call, which can be heard at least 1 km ( 0,6 mil) away.

Half of the orangutan’ diet consists of fruit, but they also eat young leaves, soft inner bark, termite, eggs, and occasionally monkeys.

When female is ready to mate, she will seek and adult male. Orangutans are mammals. Female gives birth to a single infant about once every four to eight years. The gestational period for orangutans is just under nine months, nearly the same as in human being. Infant stay very close to their mothers for the first three years until they do not consume their mother’s milk.

Adapted from microsoft

12. What is the function of the first paragraph?

A. Explaining what Orangutan is C. Explaining Orangutan’s habitat B. Explaining orangutan’s diet D. Explaining Orangutan’s anatomy

13. “Infants stay very close to Their mothers for the first three years”, the underline word means……

A. Old orangutans C. Adult orangutans

B. Orangutans D. Orangutans babies

14. What is male’s throat – pouch for?

A. Produce bubbling call and keeping food C. Keeping food

B. Producing a loud groaning and bubbling call D. Digesting

15. Why are Orangutans endangered?

A. Habitat lost and hunting C. Killing and reserving

B. Hunting and helping D. Habitat lost and saving

16. The word “ Poacher” means ……..

A. Animal lover C. Animal saver

B. Pet lover D. Hunter

17. How often do Orangutans give birth?

A. Twice a year C. Once every four to eight years B. Once every three years D. once a year

18. Iin : Hi Arni, guest what, I will spend my holiday in Bali.

Arni : That is great.

What does Iin tell Arni?

A. Advise C. Interesting news

B. Bad news D. An order

19. Novia : This is my lucky day, my mother finally allows me to go to the computer course.

Ghofur : That’s great.

What good news does Novia tell Ghofur?

A. Her mother allows her not to take the computer course.

B. Her mother allows her to take the computer course

C. Ghofur may join Novia taking the computer course

D. Ghofur may join Novia’s mother taking the computer course

Questions 20 to 27 are based on the following text.

Television is a system of mass communication. It involves the transmission of images and sound to distances screens. The transmission can be done through electromagnetic waves or through cable system

(TV cable).

Television is an important facility of communication. In average, people in America watch television for 31 hours per week while in Britain people watch television for 25 hours per week. Television has the ability to bring people to get to know others from various nationalities. Television is also the first medium to present news and current affair to the public internationally.

For many years, many of the most important international events have been experienced as TV events. Television also report various international issues and political conflicts. But, some commentators have claimed that the era of television is coming to an end. It is because there are many other communication facilities are invented. In spite of these change, TV remains probably the most important form of mass communication of the late 20th century.

Adapted from http://www.wikipedia.org

20. What is the most suitable title for the text?

A. Information technology C. Television

B. Communication technology D. Tv cable

21. What is the purpose of the text?

A. Telling the history of television C. Reporting television and its feature

B. Describing the people who use television service D. Describing the components of television

22. Which statement is correct according to the report on television?

A. American people watch television as much as those in Britain

B. Britain people have more portions of watching television than Americans

C. American people have more portions of watching television than Britain

D. All people in the world watch television less than 12 hours per week

23. How does television send information?

A. It transmits and receives sound

B. It sends text messages through the mobile phone

C. It involves the transmission of sounds and pictures to distant monitors

D. It manages the computer network

24. The word “It “ in the third paragraph refer to ……….

A. Television C. Commentators B. Television development D. Commentator’s claim

25. “ the transmission can be done through electromagnetic waves or through cable system (TV cable).”;

( paragraph 1). The word “Wave” in the sentence has a similar meaning to ……..

A Medium B. Facility C. Device D. Signal

26. “ But some commentator have claimed that the era of television is coming to an end.”( paragraph 3)

The word Commentator in the sentence can be replace by ………

A. Argument B. Opinion C. Observer D. Broadcaster

27. Mahmudah : Met do you have any agenda tonight?

Slamet : No, what’s up?

Mahmudah : Can you come to my home this afternoon? I need some help for the mathematic homework.

Slamet : Yes I’ll come at around 2, see you then.

How does Slamet respond to Mahmudah’s invitation?

A. He accepts it B. He refuses it C. He ignores it D. He gives no response

Complete the following dialogue, to fulfill questions 28 to 31!

Fredy : …….(28) do you know where Tina is?

Laila : She is in the computer room. what’s up? You look happy.

Fredy : I’ve just read the newspaper. Her article on the development of information technology won the

The president award.

Laila : …….(29)?..........(30). She is in the canteen. You’d better tell her.

Fredy : Okay, ………(31).

Laila : No problem.

28. A. Laila B. Good night C. Goodbye D. Nice to talk to you

29. A. Really B. Thanks C. Amazing D. Good

30. A. That’s bad B. That’s good news C. That’s a pity D. How horrible

31. A. Goodbye B. Thanks C. Sorry D. See you then

Read the text below to answer questions 31 to 39!

The lake of color

Once upon time, there was a kingdom. The kingdom had a kind and wise king named Prabu. He and all his people lived in happiness. There was only one thing that made Prabu and his people sad. Prabu didn’t have any children. There was no prince or princes in the kingdom.

One day, Prabu went to the jungle to pray god. Everybody be begged for a child. And after several time, the dream came true. The queen got pregnant. All people in the kingdom felt happy so did Prabu and the queen. Many of them sent a present to the palace.

The queen gave birth of a beautiful princes and Prabu and all his people got happier. Many of the people sent a present to the palace. Everyone in the kingdom loved her. So did the king and the queen. Everything she want ed must be realized. She become a spoiled girl.

Her 17th was coming and Prabu prepare a beautiful necklace as her birthday present. The party was so crowded and all the people in the kingdom come and attended the party.

And then, Prabu presented the necklace to his beloved daughter and said that the beautiful necklace was presented by all people in the kingdom. Suddenly, the princess threw the necklace and said that she did not like the necklace, she said that she did not want to accept that necklace.

All people, including Prabu and he queen, were sad and to cry,. Then, there was a miracle, suddenly the earth was crying . it made a pool of water. The palace was getting full, soon the place became a big lake. The lake sank the entire kingdom and became Pelaga warna ( lake of color ).

Adapted from http:/www.Indonesianfolklore.blogspot.com

32. What is the text about ?

A. The rising of a princess C. The life of a kingdom led by king Prabu

B. The love of parent D. The beginning of Telaga warna

33. “The lake sank the entire kingdom and became Telaga warna ( lake of color ).” (last paragraph )

This part of the text is the … of the story.

A. Orientation C. Resolution

B. Complication D. Conclusion

34. The writer wrote the text o … to the readers.

A. Entertain and narrate a story C. Express some ideas

B. Propose some opinions D. Persuade the reader

35. How were the people of the kingdom?

A. All people in the kingdom lived happily C. All people were very poor

B. All people suffered from diseases D. There was no one having children

36. How did the king and his people feel about the birth of the princes?

A. They hated the birth C. They did not expect this

B. They were unhappy D. They were happy

37. Why did people in the kingdom send gifts to the palace

A. They paid text to the kingdom C. They were happy with the birth of their princes

B. They were forced D. They want to meet Prabu

38. How did the Princes become a spoiled girl?

A. She always wanted to look beautiful

B. The king always gave her anything she want

C. Her mother want her to be queen

D. The people of the kingdom loved her very much

39. “Suddenly, the earth was crying”, the word suddenly in the sentence has similar meaning to……..

A. Expectedly B. Unexpectedly C. Predictably D. Naturally

40. Where do We usually find this sign?


A. Car

B. Garden

C. Beach

D. Public garden

41. our – bird – tells – teacher – us – that – a – not – bat – is

The best re arrangement of the jumble word above is……..

A. Our bird tell that a teacher is not us bat C. Our teacher tell us that bat is not a bird

B. Our teacher tell us that a bird is not bat D. Teacher us tell our that bat is not a bird

Oval: School announcement  Saturday morning, basketball matches will begin on Saturday, January 1. the even will run from 09:00 – 11:00. for the next four weeks. The final tournament will be held on February 8, for more information, contact ari (021) 4112113Questions 42 – 43 are based on the following text.

42. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To give information about the match of basketball C. To inform the final tournament

B. To call 021- 4112113 D. A and C are correct

43. How long will the tournament be held?

A. 09:00 – 11:00 B. Two hours C. Four weeks D. On January 1

44. Rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent paragraph!

1. He is getting old now.

2. Tom is one of the best tennis players in the country.

3. Soon he is going to retire.

4. He plays in many tournaments.

5. He is professional and earns a lot of money every year.

A. 1 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 2 B. 5 – 1 – 3 – 4 – 2 C. 4 – 5 – 1 – 3 – 2 D. 2 – 4 – 5 – 1 -3

Text for 45 to 47.


24 hours open

Jl. Halmahera 131 tegal hp : 0813 9194 0125

Specific menu drink

Fried rice : Rp, 4500

Chicken soup : Rp, 5000

Baked fish : Rp, 5000

Red lobster : Rp, 6500

Gado- gado : Rp, 3000

Ice tea : Rp, 1000

Orange juice : Rp, 1500

Ice coconut : Rp, 1500

Soft drink : Rp, 3000

Other menu :



Nasi pecel


All are include the tax 15%

Ready for catering receptions

( please contact the phone number above )

45. What is the cheapest menu of all?

A. Fried rice b. Baked fish c. Chicken soup d. Gado - gado

46.Mr Tora sudiro wants to buy gado – gado he has Rp, 18.000.00, how many Gado – gado does Mr Tora get?

a. Four B. Six C. Seven D. Five

47. A boy buys two fried rice and two glasses of ice tea. How much money does the boy pay?

A. Rp. 9.500 B. Rp.10.500 C. Rp.11.000 D. Rp.11.500

48. Mery : Are you good at dancing?

Yunus : Well, I good ………. At dancing ………..at singing.

Mery : Really.

Yunus : Yes, I won a singing competition 15 years ago.

A. Only – both C. Not only – but also

B. Not – nor D. Either – or

49. Jolekha : Would you like to come for dinner at Maghfur Restaurant & Relax?

Kiki : …………… I want to visit my grand mother today.

A. I’d love to B. That would be great C. I would D. I’m sorry

50. Arrange the following utterances into a good dialogue between Hasan and Khotimah

1. I’m Khotimah, is that you, Hasan?

2. Hello? Who is calling please?

3. Of course. It’s 642765

4. Okay, thank for the information. Anyway, I’ll hang up now bye.

5. Yes, there is I want to know Lisna’s phone number. Do you have it?

6. Yes, it is by the way, is there any business?

7. Bye.

The correct arrangement is……….

A. 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 C. 2 – 1 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 7

B. 1 – 2 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7 D. 1 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 4 – 7

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